More Campina farmers welcome the public in 2008

12 March 2008

Spring is in the air and that means that it is once again time for Campina dairy farmers in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium to open their doors to the public. Consumers can find information on all open days at Dutch Campina farms on the internet.

An open door day is an ideal and fun way for consumers to learn about the farming life and the origin of Campina’s dairy products. See and hear for yourself how the farmer and his family care for the cows, the landscape and the best quality milk. Discover what makes Campina milk special. Many Campina dairy farmers have already indicated that they are planning an open door day. The Campina Open Door Day on 12 May will be the absolute highpoint. No less than 60 Campina dairy farmers in West, Central and South Netherlands will open their doors to an inquisitive public.

Open day near you
All the open days organised each year by Campina dairy farmers in the Netherlands can be found on the internet sites and the Dutch language version at Consumers can see at a glance where an open day will be held in their neighbourhood. At the end of the open day, dairy farmers can also share their experiences on the Campina site. This gives the visitors and you an opportunity to relive the day at your leisure.
Go to:

  • > Bij de boer (at the farm)
  • The Dutch version of > Duurzaam (Sustainable)

Close to consumers
Open days are very important for Campina, because the Campina dairy farmers who produce milk with their cows are also Campina’s owners. The Campina products found in the fridges of millions of Dutch people all originate at their farms. An open day gives Campina dairy farmers an opportunity to show that Campina really is close to consumers.

The dairy chain on the internet
Anyone who has visited a Campina farm or wishes to do so can find more information on the Campina websites. For instance, what happens to the composition of the milk if the cow is given different feed or allowed to graze outdoors more often? The website also explains how the whole dairy chain works, from feed for the cow to cheese-making. More detailed information on sustainability throughout the entire dairy chain can be found at (in English, German and Dutch).