Prizes galore for Friesland Foods Cheese in Wisconsin

14 March 2008

During the 27th edition of the World Championship Cheese Contest in Wisconsin (United States), Friesland Foods Cheese has won a total of fifteen medals. At the World Championship Cheese-making Friesland Foods Cheese won no less than eight Gold medals. In addition, five Silver and two Bronze medals were won.

Friesland Foods Cheese’s Steenderen site won gold medals for Cantenaar, Frico Gouda Cheese young 12 kilograms and Frico mature 12 kilograms. Gouda cumin cheese 4,5 kilograms and Cablanca young goat’s cheese 4,5 kilograms from Dronrijp also won gold medals. Furthermore, there were first prizes for young Edam ball and young Edam ball with cumin from Marum and Frico smoked cheese from Kaasfabriek Eyssen in Oosthuizen.

Silver medals were won by Cantenaar loaf and Chevrette young goat’s cheese 4,5 kilograms (Dronrijp), Gallo Azul Edam ball ripened (Marum), Gouda block foil-matured (Gerkesklooster) and Royal Hollandia smoked cheese (Oosthuizen). Old Dutch Master from Steenderen and Maasdam mini from Gerkesklooster won bronze medals.

International cheese contest
The World Championship Cheese Contest, held from 11 to 13 March in Madison (Wisconsin) is the largest international cheese contest in the world. This year 2000 cheeses were sent in for the international cheese sampling and prizes were divided in 79 classes. In 8 of these 79 classes, Friesland Foods Cheese became world champion! In 2004 Friesland Foods Cheese became the overall winner of all classes with Old Dutch Master and thus World Champion Cheese-making.

Friesland Foods Cheese is the operating company for the production and marketing of cheese of Royal Friesland Foods, one of the world’s largest dairy groups. Each year we produce and sell many millions of kilograms of cheese ranging from the traditional Dutch Gouda, Edam and Maasdam cheeses to a wide variety of branded cheeses and specialty cheeses such as Frico, Royal Hollandia, Kroon, Cantenaar, Kernhem, Slankie, Mimolette, herb cheeses and goat’s cheese.