Part of Belgian milk from FrieslandCampina to Milcobel and Laiterie des Ardennes

3 February 2016

Over three hundred supplier-dairy farmers of FrieslandCampina Belgium NV are members of Milcobel cvba as from 1 February 2016. Mid-November 2015, both dairy companies entered into an agreement in which Milcobel engaged itself to take over the collection of about 180 million litres of milk per year at 443 supplier-dairy farmers from FrieslandCampina. Based on their own considerations almost 70 percent of the supplier dairy farmers accepted the offer. Somewhat less than a quarter opted for becoming a member of Laiterie des Ardennes. This ensures the continuity of the dairy farms concerned. The other supplier-dairy farmers will stop or make the switch on 1 July 2016.

175 million kilo of milk will no longer be processed by FrieslandCampina but by Milcobel and Laiterie des Ardennes as from 1 February 2016. FrieslandCampina will continue to collect the milk of the farms that are going to stop business or will make the switch later until 1 July 2016.

Division as from 1 February 2016

Company Number of dairy farms
Milcobel 309
Laiterie des Ardennes 106
Other (among other things stop or switch on 1 July 2016) 28

Late 2015, FrieslandCampina announced that it had entered into an agreement with Milcobel about a partial transfer of the milk collection as from 1 July 2016 in order to better bring the milk collection into line with the market demand in Belgium. Thanks to recent investments, Milcobel can process extra milk. FrieslandCampina Belgium will continue to buy the milk of its 441 other supplier-dairy farmers and its 28 Belgian member dairy farmers.

  • Agreement for partial transfer of Belgian milk supply from FrieslandCampina to Milcobel
    Agreement for partial transfer of Belgian milk supply from FrieslandCampina to Milcobel
    FrieslandCampina Belgium N.V. has concluded an agreement to transfer the milk delivered by a part of its suppliers in Belgium to Milcobel cvba.