Opening LNG station Leeuwarden

9 April 2015

GDF SUEZ developed the LNG station (Liquefied Natural Gas) for lorries at the Firezone station of Salland Olie in Leeuwarden. The filling station became feasible because FrieslandCampina and its transporters switch to the use of LNG as fuel for their lorries. The municipality of Leeuwarden supports LNG as fuel for transport and has actively committed itself to facilitating this first station.

Improved air quality

The air quality in the Netherlands is among the worst in Europe. The transport sector can make a substantial contribution to the improvement of this air quality. Engines using LNG for fuel are better for the environment. For instance, an LNG lorry emits 95% less particulate matter than a comparable diesel lorry. Besides, the emission of sulphur and nitrogen is considerably lower. Another advantage is that LNG lorries are much quieter. Many local and regional governments stimulate the use of LNG as one of the ways to improve the air quality.

A more sustainable dairy chain

Frank van Ooijen, Director Sustainability of FrieslandCampina: “FrieslandCampina wants to improve the energy efficiency and to reduce the emission of greenhouse gas in the entire dairy chain, from cow to consumer. The official opening of this LNG filling station enables the first 6 LNG lorries of FrieslandCampina transporters (4 milk collection truck trailers and 2 INTRA trailers) to really tank LNG. The bi-fuel lorries of FrieslandCampina reduce the CO2-emission at least by 12% compared with diesel and they are quieter as well.”