New Campina sustainable feed initiative strengthens Landliebe brand

25 September 2008

Landliebe milk from cows raised exclusively on indigenous, GM-free feed

From 1 October, Landliebe, one of Germany’s best-loved and most popular dairy brands, will be selling its milk and school milk from cows raised exclusively on indigenous feed. The move to a more sustainable feed is a further reflection of Landliebe’s commitment to its brand values. The initiative also ties in well with the sustainability policy of Campina, the dairy cooperative behind Landliebe.

Landliebe feed concept
Landliebe’s farmers grow grass and other feed crops, such as maize, on their own farms. The feed supplement they buy for their cows now consists exclusively of crops that have always traditionally been grown in Germany. These feeds and the raw materials on which they are based are also sourced in Germany or elsewhere in Europe. Landliebe is the first German dairy company to give its cows exclusively locally-grown feeds. This means that Landliebe has now replaced the animal feeds which until recently it was still sourcing from outside Europe, with feed that is grown only in Germany/Europe. These feeds are also guaranteed GM-free. This is done in close cooperation between Landliebe dairy farmers, cattle feed companies and Landliebe. Specialist feed experts ensure the support of Landliebe farmers. From 1 October, only traditional native feeds will be used in the production of Landliebe milk and school milk, a market in which Landliebe enjoys a strong position in Germany. Consumers will be able to identify the milk by a new logo on the packaging.

In line with the Landliebe values
The initiative reflects Landliebe’s sense of commitment to sustainability, naturalness and healthy nutrition. Landliebe is closely associated with rural life in Germany and its products are natural, healthy and sustainable. Landliebe is one of Germany’s best-loved and most popular dairy brands (source: Stern brand survey, 2007). It stands for top quality dairy products without artificial colourings, preservatives or gelatines. Landliebe’s natural, home-grown character is also reflected in the fact that many products have the delicious taste of natural fats, just as they used to.
The fact that the feed given to Landliebe cows is guaranteed GM-free ties in closely with the trend among German consumers. Studies show that they prefer GM-free products.
‘Switching to traditional feeds made from indigenous crops has made an important addition to Landliebe’s extensive quality and sourcing concept,’ explains Michael Feller, Managing Director of CPE Germany. ‘The initiative takes our philosophy for Landliebe a step further. This new step ties in very well with the specific character of Landliebe and its image of offering the very best quality dairy products. It re-emphasises those aspects that have always made Landliebe so distinctive: sustainability, naturalness, local values and healthy enjoyment.’

Production of sustainable feed
Landliebe is part of the Campina dairy cooperative, which is jointly owned by dairy farmers in the Netherlands and Germany, including a large number of Landliebe farmers. In recent years, the company has launched initiatives in various countries to improve the sustainability of its production and products. Feller: ‘Landliebe’s feed concept again demonstrates the depth of Campina’s commitment to sustainability’. The switch to traditional indigenous feeds makes a major contribution to the sustainable production of cattle feed.

Campina guarantees that enough sustainably produced soy will be available to make feed for the cows that produce milk used in Campina brand products. This sustainably produced soy does not compromise the rainforests or livelihoods of farmers in the countries concerned.