New participants for Jumpstart manure mono-fermentation installation

11 October 2019

With a Jumpstart manure mono-fermentation installation a dairy farm can generate additional income with sustainable energy and at the same time substantially reduce emissions of CO2, methane and nitrogen. With Jumpstart, FrieslandCampina facilitates circular agriculture for the enterprising and innovative dairy farmer. On October 1st, three dairy farms signed the purchasing agreement for a Jumpstart manure mono-fermentation installation. More specifically, two farms will receive a green gas installation from supplier HoSt and one farm opted for a cogeneration installation from supplier Biolectric. With these installations, these farmers have taken major steps towards future-proof dairy farming.

“Nitrogen reduction and lease option make interest grow”
The ongoing discussion about nitrogen emissions makes manure mono-fermentation even more attractive; the combination of a cogeneration installation with a mineral separator can considerably reduce nitrogen emission at the farm (40-50%). The interest for Jumpstart among dairy farmers is growing because of the newly available rent option. With this option, a fermentation installation is still placed at the farm but it does not place a big burden on the financial situation of the farmer. This way, the fermentation installation remains property of supplier HoSt or Biolectric, while the dairy farmer receives a bonus for the supplied manure.

Jumpstart represents cost-efficient generation of green energy from manure. By working together, more dairy farmers can exploit a manure mono-fermentation installation at their own farms, produce green energy and reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases and ammonia. Through Jumpstart FrieslandCampina helps dairy farmers to obtain financing, permits, SDE+ subsidy and a good price for a manure mono-fermentation installation at their own dairy farm. Click here for additional information about Jumpstart.

FrieslandCampina and sustainable energy
FrieslandCampina wants to lead sustainability and aims to be CO2-neutral in the year 2050. Renewable energy plays an important role in reaching this goal. Next to  Jumpstart programme, sustainable energy is also stimulated through the Solar and Wind programmes.

<photo> From left to right member dairy farmers Gerrit Haarman, Anton Stokman, Tiny Stokman, Arjan Stokman,
Harm Wientjes and Toon Wientjes