New at McDonald’s Netherlands: the McChicken and Homestyle Crispy Chicken are available now with Valess

7 September 2018

After McDonald’s Austria (2015), Belgium (2017) and Croatia (2018), McDonald’s Netherlands is also convinced by Valess. McDonald’s has introduced in almost all restaurants in the Netherlands the chickenburgers in a Veggie variant, namely the McChicken Veggie and the Homestyle Crispy Chicken Veggie. With this Veggie concept it is possible to replace the chicken in the McChicken and the Homestyle Crispy Chicken with Valess.

Valess is chosen as the perfect product for the Veggie burgers of McDonald’s, due to its’ juicy bite and the unique irresistible taste that the milk fiber adds to Valess.

With the launch of the Veggie burgers, McDonald’s responds to the growing need of Dutch people to eat less meat and therefore offers an alternative to the growing group of flexitarians, without having to compromise on taste and quality.

The recipes of the McChicken and the Homestyle Crispy Chicken remain the same: the famous sandwich, the sauce and the toppings, but with Valess instead of chicken. And of course without bacon.

The meat replacer from Valess is made of dairy, seaweed and fiber. Valess is rich in protein, calcium and fiber. In addition, Valess contains important vitamins and minerals.

The Veggie Burgers have been permanently available since August 28 in almost all McDonald’s restaurants and McDelivery in the Netherlands.