The Netherlands opts for pure enjoyment

20 May 2008

Mona chooses surprise and enjoyment

The vast majority of Dutch feel there’s nothing wrong with indulging yourself. We should allow ourselves to enjoy, according to research from TNS NIPO commissioned by Mona – for years Campina’s brand in the Netherlands that is synonymous with dairy treats. The Dutch prefer to enjoy such treats at the evening meal, whereby dessert plays a special role. In fact, over one-third of Dutch consider the occasional enjoyment of a tasty dessert an important part of their well-being.

The study included 600 Dutch between the ages of 16 and 65. 90 Per cent said they have no problem occasionally enjoying good food and 57 per cent allow themselves a tasty treat one or more times per week. Three-quarters of respondents said their favourite mealtime is dinner. Young adults are somewhat less enthusiastic about the evening meal, but are the biggest fans of desserts. 67 per cent of Dutch say eating dessert makes them happy. This figure rises to 90 per cent among young adults aged 18 to 24.

Indulgence brand
Mona has been the supermarket brand synonymous with indulgence for nearly 40 years. Based on the study, Mona concludes that the Netherlands continues to opt for pure enjoyment. To lend weight to the study’s results, on 20 May Mona is treating all the morning radio DJs and their sidekicks to a personal Mona dessert. For three days and in six different Dutch cities, dessert fans can enjoy a free Mona dessert. Under the motto ‘Mona makes you happy’ Mona will continue to do what it does best, bringing consumers surprise and enjoyment. Examples include fruit yoghurts, drinks, quark and sweet desserts, both in single portions and family packs.