Introduction DeichGold

29 September 2008

Friesland Foods Cheese is set to introduce a new cheese for the German market: DeichGold, a semi-soft cheese with a creamy, not too full-flavoured taste.

DeichGold is a specialty cheese made with milk from cows grazing near the Wadden Sea. Friesland Foods’ cheese makers have managed to develop an exceptional cheese that is perfectly in keeping with the characteristics of the Wadden Sea area. Supermarket buyers and consumers who tasted the cheese in the trial stages were surprised at the taste of DeichGold. One response was: “For a young cheese, it’s got quite some body. Very different.” The concept of the cheese was developed in collaboration with the Association for Healthy Wadden Milk.

DeichGold was introduced during InterMopro, the international trade fair for dairy products (held in Düsseldorf from 28 September to 1 October 2008). The cheese will be available in German supermarkets at the end of October, at which time a consumer campaign will be launched as well. The introduction campaign and the shop materials will rely heavily on the characteristic landscape of the Wadden Sea area; sea, green pastures, open space and quiet surroundings give the cheese an authentic image. The milk that is used to produce the cheese is supplied by more than 80 dairy farmers whose farms are located near the Dutch Wadden Sea and who are members of both Friesland Foods and the Association for Healthy Wadden Milk. The milk is collected from these dairy farmers in separate tank trucks and processed at the Steenderen production facility, the only Friesland Foods site to produce 16 kilos of round natural cheese.

For the time being, the cheese will be sold in German supermarkets only.