Installation of the first small windmill after collaboration

23 August 2019

The collaboration between FrieslandCampina and E.A.Z. wind immediately generated many enthusiastic responses among the member dairy farmers. Within two months already nearly 400 interested member dairy farmers showed their interest for the small windmill. On Thursday the 22th of August, the first windmill coming from this project was already placed on the farmyard of the dairy farm Poppe in Zwolle.

An E.A.Z. windmill helps to fully meet the own electricity needs, and can easily be combined with a small amount of solar panels. The combination of sun during the day and in the summer and wind at night and in the winter ensures an even generation of energy.

FrieslandCampina CO2 neutral in 2050
Sustainable energy production by dairy farmers plays an important role in achieving that goal. The Farm Energy program of FrieslandCampina has been set up to encourage member dairy farmers in the transition to green energy. In addition to large-scale projects such as Solar and Jumpstart, since June this year the dairy company has been offering its member dairy farmers the opportunity to install small windmills to make their own farm self-sufficient with energy.

Photo: The Poppe family together with the installers of E.A.Z Wind and project manager farm energy FrieslandCampina

The generation of sustainable energy at dairy farmers real time visibly
Member dairy farmer Poppe is not the only one actively engaged in the energy transition. More than 2,500 FrieslandCampina member dairy farmers are already generating sustainable energy, and this can be followed in real time at On good days (lots of wind and sun) the generate of electricity from our dairy farmers is equal to the consumption  for more than 150,000 households.