Impulse cooler for healthy dairy snacks

16 June 2008

Campina has launched the Campina impulse cooler in the Netherlands. The new chiller cabinet is available for supermarkets, canteens, schools and service stations and offers a wide range of healthy and tasty Campina dairy drinks in easy-to-use, resealable packaging. Campina is thus giving retailers the opportunity to meet growing demand for healthy and delicious snacks which can be enjoyed anywhere, at any time. Campina is the first food multinational to offer healthy snacks in this way.

The impulse cooler was designed in response to key social developments. One is the growing trend for a healthy lifestyle, which has prompted a sharp increase in sales of healthy dairy products. Another is the shift in eating patterns. More and more people now want to enjoy snacks outside the home, to ease hunger or boost their energy levels.

Making a responsible choice
Healthy, tasty food that’s easy to eat is what consumers look for in a snack. The enormous range of unhealthy snacks and drinks ‘on the go’ combined with the limited choice of healthy alternatives makes it difficult for them to make a responsible choice outside the home. By introducing the impulse cooler, Campina is helping businesses to respond to these trends and bring healthy dairy products close to the consumer. The choice includes Campina Optimel drink and Smoothie, Campina Vifit drink, Campina GoedeMorgen!, Café Fresco by Douwe Egberts and Campina, and Campina milk.

Healthy, round-the-clock dairy snacks
There are four types of impulse coolers. They vary in shape and shelf space, providing a suitable cooler for every location. All the impulse coolers provide enough space for a wide range of chilled dairy snacks to eat at any time. Campina is thus giving consumers the opportunity to enjoy a delicious and healthy snack anywhere – at work, at school, while travelling or shopping. The Campina dairy snacks carry the ‘I Choose Consciously’ quality mark and are sold in special easy-to-use, resealable packaging. At the same time, the free impulse cooler gives retail outlets more chiller cabinet space and the chance to register additional dairy sales.