FrieslandCampina Vietnam to cooperate with the Vietnam Environment Administration

2 October 2015

Over the years, Vietnam has reached many socio-economic achievements regarding the progress of innovation and integration into the global economy. However, the economic development, industrialization and modernization have had a negative impact on the natural resources and environment of Vietnam. Luckily, understanding of the importance of environmental protection is growing in the Vietnamese society. Taking this into account and wishing to help society to improve the living environment for the current population as well as for future generations, the Vietnam Environment Administration and FrieslandCampina Vietnam signed an agreement to corporate in a joint program titled “For a green environment in Vietnam”.

In the first 3 years, both sides will jointly organize various activities, including:

  • present the “Green Innovation Award”;
  • produce several television shows to educate students on the environment;
  • celebrate “World Environment Day” (June 5);
  • organize a community-based “Clean Up the World” campaign;
  • and many national events.

Raise public awareness

The agreement focuses on education and raising public awareness of the need for environmental protection in Vietnam. This will be done by organizing contests, extracurricular education for the youth and activities to promote the awareness. FrieslandCampina Vietnam and the Vietnam Environment Administration will also encourage organizations and individuals to contribute to the protection of the environment and urge for more drastic action towards environmental protection and reducing harmful activities in Vietnam.

Responsibility towards the community

FrieslandCampina Vietnam always has a strong sense of responsibility towards the community. The company believes in the importance of community activities and in connecting partners and constituents of the value chain with the community to carry out social programs, reduce negative impact on the environment, enhance economic benefits, shared values and the competitiveness of each member in the community.

Vietnam Environmental Award for FrieslandCampina Vietnam

FrieslandCampina Vietnam was also presented with the Vietnam Environmental Award for its excellent achievements in environmental protection during the period 2011 – 2015.  This award is granted every 5 years in order to raise awareness for the need of environmental protection and sustainable economic development. Over the past 5 years, FrieslandCampina Vietnam was recognized as a typical enterprise in compliance with regulations on environmental protection, with achievements in environmental protection, implementing activities for the benefits of society and communities, and contributing to sustainable growth.