FrieslandCampina takes third place in reputation survey

22 February 2016

In the annual survey by the Reputation Institute FrieslandCampina finished in third place. The ranking is based on the RepTrakĀ® Model, which is used to examine the reputation of businesses in more than thirty countries all over the world. This model examines how companies score on various indicators, such as products and services, innovation, leadership, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance and environment. FrieslandCampina has managed to secure a place in the top five on all indicators.

Frank van Ooijen, Corporate Director Communication besides other responsibilities: “As in previous years, FrieslandCampina has shown that it has a solid reputation, and it has a position in the top of the Dutch businesses. The general public appreciates our dairy publics, innovations and sustainability programme. In addition, our position as an employer has improved greatly in recent years. I think there is still room as well as need for carrying out our story even more proactive and more insistent with each other. After all, we have an amazing story to share.”

In 2015, FrieslandCampina was also in third place in the ranking.