FrieslandCampina and the Red Cross extend their partnership for providing emergency aid by three years

25 January 2017

FrieslandCampina continues its partnership with the Dutch Red Cross for the next three years. Roelof Joosten, CEO FrieslandCampina, and Gijs de Vries, director of the Dutch Red Cross, signed the contract on Wednesday 25 January 2017. The Red Cross may count on the annual support of FrieslandCampina since 2012.

This partnership is based on providing aid to people in conflict zones or disaster areas. Both parties commit money, knowledge, employees and other means to achieve their common ambitions:

  • Fight famine and shortage of nutrients of people in need
  • Contribute to food security
  • Strengthen the resilience of vulnerable communities

The Dutch Red Cross has already received 700,000 euro from FrieslandCampina for providing (food) aid to people in need since the start of their partnership.

Involvement of employees and member dairy farmers

Employees and member dairy farmers feel committed to this partnership. For instance, some of them have joined Ready2Help (Dutch website), the civilian aid network of the Red Cross. Additionally, employees have collected a fine donation by participating in the Seven Hills Run as a sponsored run. In 2012, 3FM Serious Request collected about 300,000 euro through contributions from employees and member dairy farmers and by selling Campina products. Apart from this, employees of FrieslandCampina donated ten thousands of euros for, among others, the victims of the typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and the 3FM Serious Request edition of 2016 with the theme ‘Don’t let them suffocate’.

Roelof Joosten, CEO FrieslandCampina, and Gijs de Vries, director of the Dutch Red Cross, sign the contract for extension of the partnership.

Worldwide Red Cross initiatives

Besides, the partnership has inspired other operating companies of FrieslandCampina to work together with Red Cross organisations around the world. Alaska Milk Corporation in the Philippines, for example, immediately offered its help by distributing milk and water to the victims of the typhoon Haiyan. Another partnership was set up in Nigeria. Together with the Nigerian Red Cross the FrieslandCampina operating company WAMCO provided food aid to refugees. In Vietnam the ‘Cow Bank’ project, a project of the Vietnamese Red Cross which donates cows in order to give the farmers a better living, has been financially supported for five years already.