FrieslandCampina puts new filling line for PET bottles into service

30 March 2015

A new innovative packaging line for PET bottles is operational at FrieslandCampina Aalter (Belgium) since the end of March. With this new production line FrieslandCampina can strengthen its market position in Europe.

The official opening of the new packaging line was on March 24th in the presence of Gregory Sklikas, COO FrieslandCampina Consumer Products Europe Middle East & Africa. The investment needed for the new PET bottle filling line is 25 million euros.

Trendsetting and quick

The new line is trendsetting and quick: the bottles are made, filled and a cap is added all in one go. The machine produces 36,000 bottles per hour. With the new investment FrieslandCampina also introduces a new iconic bottle shape for Cécémel.

Customer needs

“FrieslandCampina wants to increase its know-how. With this new line, we create more focus on innovation to better serve the needs of our customers,” says Hugo Verhaegen, plant manager FrieslandCampina Aalter. This way the production location can continue its role as European hub for long shelf life milk and dairy drinks.