FrieslandCampina at Plastic Summit talks

5 April 2019

On April 5th, our CEO, Hein Schumacher visited a group of European politicians and company representatives in Brussels. He came to discuss ambitions and potential challenges around circular innovations with regards to plastics in Europe. Dutch and French state secretaries Stientje van Veldhoven and Brune Poirson shared their views and plans with their ‘Plastic Pacts’ too and hosted the discussions.

Representing FrieslandCampina as a company that wants to lead with sustainability, Hein Schumacher shared the following and more: “It is our ambition that by 2050 all our packaging worldwide is 100% circular and without any emission from fossil fuel. On the road towards that ambition we have set clear targets for 2025. By then we will comply with the New Plastics Economy 2025 Global Commitment of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.”

“All our packs will be 100% reusable and/or recyclable, we will recycle more than 50% of our actual plastic packaging amount and we will have reached a significant reduction in the carbon footprint of our packaging.  Needless to say we will globally ban Plastic straws, plastic spoons, and the like.”

“We want to speed and scale up. In order to do so we need more insights, fast. From this month on up to end of this year, we will use a new, unique tool our global R&D packaging department has built. This tool can include recycling rates and calculates the carbon footprint and fossil fuel use of our packages, as well as the effect of the packaging on food waste. The tool will be used to review the current packaging portfolio globally and will be used in every new project to enable sustainable design choices.”

“If we want to reach our ambition for packaging, we need to ensure our plastic packaging is 100% recyclable and that we can use 100% renewable plastic in our new packs. And that’s not so easy. And that’s why we’re here. To share our joint ambitions, potential challenges we see and actively work on making it work. Together. Because we do not compete on sustainability, we make it work together. Not only where our companies or governments are based, but globally.”