FrieslandCampina organic guaranteed price January 2019: 48.00 euros per 100 kilos of milk

31 December 2018

The FrieslandCampina organic guaranteed price increases by 1.00 euros compared to the organic guaranteed price of last month (47.00 euros) as a result of higher pay- out prices at reference companies.

This month the protein value is 783.55 euros, the fat value 391.77 euros and the lactose value 78.35 euros per 100 kilos.

The organic guaranteed price applies to 100 kilos of milk with 3.47 percent protein, 4.41 percent fat and 4.51 percent lactose and is exclusive of VAT. The amounts stated apply to an average delivery of 600,000 kg of milk on an annual basis.

Publication dates guaranteed price 2019 at 12:00 PM CET

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