FrieslandCampina guaranteed price February 2020: 36.50 euros per 100 kilos of milk

27 January 2020

The FrieslandCampina guaranteed price rises by 0.75 euros compared to last month’s guaranteed price (35.75 euros). The increase is due to the expected increase in the farm milk prices of the reference companies as a result of continuing demand. 

This month the protein value is 585.59 euros, the fat value 292.80 euros and the lactose value 58.56 euros per 100 kilos of milk.

The FrieslandCampina guaranteed price applies to 100 kg of milk with standard contents protein (3.57%), fat (4.42%) and lactose (4.53%), exclusive of VAT. The amounts shown apply to an average supply of 850,000 kilos of milk annually. The guaranteed price is part of the FrieslandCampina milk price, which is paid to the member dairy farmers on an annual basis. Every month the guaranteed price is estimated on the basis of the development of the published milk prices of the reference companies.