FrieslandCampina focuses on active sportspersons with Vifit sport

Sports nutrition rich in proteins

4 May 2017

FrieslandCampina introduces its own protein-rich sports nutrition range under the Vifit Sport brand. With a product range of drinks, shakes and bars the dairy company responds to the needs of active sportspersons for protein-rich sports nutrition that contributes to the recovery and muscle build-up.

With Vifit Sport FrieslandCampina directly targets the active sportsperson. At this moment, 44% of the Dutch people uses sports nutrition, one-third of which after exercising.*

Vifit Sport

Roelof Joosten, CEO of Royal FrieslandCampina: ‘Our product developers have developed products that respond to the needs of a growing group of active sportspersons by making use of our knowledge about the nutritional value of dairy for the build-up and recovery of the muscles. With this sports nutrition, we aim at all sportspersons. Therefore the products are available on-line as well as at a large pharmacy chain. We explicitly aim at all sportspersons with a goal, from amateurs to top athletes. With this, we break the idea that sports nutrition is only relevant to bodybuilders and top athletes.’

Gunilla Boomsma, sports dietician and former top athlete: ‘Nutrition plays an important role in the recovery after intensive exercise. Not only replenishment of fluid and carbohydrates but also the intake of sufficient proteins are important, for this ensures recovery of the incurred damage to the muscles. By eating protein-rich products immediately after exercising, the small tears in the muscles resulting from the exercise will be repaired.’

Protein for muscle recovery and muscle building

Scientific research shows that for optimum muscle support it is good to take 20 grammes of protein within 30 minutes after intensive training.** Every portion of Vifit Sport contains 20 grammes protein, so the recommended quantity of protein can be taken after exercising.

Vifit Sport will initially be introduced into the Dutch market to be followed by rest of Europe. Over 40% (200 million) of the European people regularly practises a sport.*** This is an interesting market for FrieslandCampina. Vifit Sport will be available on-line as from 4 May through and Starting 9 May, it will also be sold by Kruidvat (a Dutch drugstore). The product range consists of a bar, a drink and a shake, each available in various flavours.

FrieslandCampina already produces milk-based ingredients for sports nutrition producers. Furthermore, FrieslandCampina has developed protein powders exclusively for the Dutch Olympic athletes in 2016.

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