More FrieslandCampina dairy farms with cows in the meadows for fifth year in a row

3 July 2019

This year, 248 member dairy farmers of FrieslandCampina choose to make a switch towards outdoor grazing, which means that they put their cows into the meadows to graze. This appears from the registrations for the outdoor grazing season of this year.

This increase makes the percentage of farms of member dairy farmers of FrieslandCampina in the Netherlands that put their cows out into the meadows grow from 81,2 percent in 2018 percent to 83 percent in 2019. With this the dairy sector remains visible for the people and the characteristics of the Dutch landscape, being cows in green meadows, are preserved.

As from 2015, the number of farms of member dairy farmers having their cows graze in the meadows has grown every year (2015: 77.9 percent; 2016: 78.2 percent; 2017: 79.4 percent; 2018: 81.2 percent) The final percentage will be determined in December, at the end of the outdoor grazing season.