FrieslandCampina continues to expand on growth market for mozzarella

Agreement with Royal A-ware allows for quick scale-up

9 October 2019

Royal FrieslandCampina N.V. has entered into an agreement with Royal A-ware for the production and supply of mozzarella cheese. FrieslandCampina expects to be ready for selling this high-quality mozzarella cheese to its customers by the beginning of 2020.

FrieslandCampina will be supplying milk from its member dairy farmers, knowledge and recipes and will be responsible for the sale of the mozzarella cheese. Royal A-ware will take care of the processing of the milk and the production of mozzarella cheese in the new mozzarella production location in Heerenveen (the Netherlands).

The building of the new mozzarella production location originates from an earlier announced partnership between Royal A-ware and Fonterra. The agreement on mozzarella was terminated after the strategic reorientation of Fonterra and subsequently FrieslandCampina and Royal A-ware entered into a new agreement. The existing partnership between Fonterra and Royal A-ware with respect to the purchasing of whey and cream will remain unchanged.

Hans Meeuwis, President FrieslandCampina Dairy Essentials: “Mozzarella cheese is an attractive growth segment. This will enable us to further expand our international position in mozzarella cheese. We broaden the offer to our customers and it enables us to further expand our product portfolio. Apart from making smart investments in our own production locations, partnerships are an important part of our strategy to create more value. The previously announced partnership with the DMK Group also fits in this strategy.”