FrieslandCampina Balkbrug will switch over to green steam

5 September 2016

For its cheese production plant in Balkbrug (the Netherlands), FrieslandCampina will switch over to green ‘steam’, generated by burning wood chips. In order to make this possible, the company Brouwer Bio Centrale B.V. will start building a bio incinerator later this month.

The Brouwer company is specialised in maintenance of the roadside shrubs of the German motorways. This generates a lot of wood chips, which can be used as fuel for the bio incinerator. This incinerator meets the most stringent environmental requirements. The air coming from the chimney is purified by filters.

Green steam at production location Balkbrug

This incinerator will be built in the industrial area Katingerveld in Balkbrug, which is located next to the FrieslandCampina cheese production plant.

The incinerator will annually provide the production location FrieslandCampina Balkbrug with about 55,000 ton of bio steam, which will replace 5.5 million cubic metres of natural gas. The incinerator will be operational by the end of the year 2017, if everything goes according to plan.

Climate-neutral growth

This initiative fits in well with the route2020 strategy of FrieslandCampina aimed at climate-neutral growth and reduction of the CO2 emission by making use of green energy, such as wind energy, solar energy and biogas.