Friesland Foods to sell Kaasfabriek Eyssen in Oosthuizen

6 November 2008

Meppel-based Friesland Foods B.V. has signed an agreement in principle to sell Kaasfabriek Eyssen in Oosthuizen, to the Castricum-based cheese-maker Kaptein B.V. The parties hope to formally conclude the transaction by 31 December 2008.

Kaasfabriek Eyssen B.V., which employs a staff of 59, is a leading producer of processed and smoked cheese and cheese spreads in the Netherlands, and is a part of Friesland Foods Cheese. Kaptein imports and exports cheese and butter, and supplies the professional market. Friesland Foods Cheese and Kaptein have worked together for many years.

Friesland Foods intends to sell Kaasfabriek Eyssen because it is not a core activity of Friesland Foods Cheese. Friesland Foods’ long-term strategy, Vision 2015, sees Friesland Foods Cheese focusing on the development, production, packing and selling of semi-hard Dutch natural and rindless cheeses.

Kaptein has more than 50 years’ experience in the production, maturing and selling of a wide range of cheeses and butters. The acquisition of Kaasfabriek Eyssen will enable Kaptein to further expand its position in the market for special cheese products, thereby helping to ensure the plant’s long-term continuity.

Friesland Foods will remain owner of the Slankie brand. Friesland Foods and Kaptein will also conclude an agreement whereby Kaptein will continue to make products for Friesland Foods.

The transaction will have no social consequences for staff at Kaasfabriek Eyssen. The Works Council of Friesland Foods Cheese has been asked to issue advice on the proposed transaction.