Friesland Foods achieves GRAS status for prebiotic ingredient Vivinal GOS

5 September 2008

Response to Vivinal GOS GRAS status by FDA in the USA

Friesland Foods Domo has received GRAS status (Generally Recognized As Safe) for its prebiotic ingredient Vivinal GOS from the United States of America Food and Drug Administration. As a result of this, Vivinal GOS can now also be used in the United States of America as an ingredient in infant formula and in an expanded range of food categories.

Friesland Foods Domo received GRAS status for Vivinal GOS from a panel of individuals selected on the basis of their scientific training and experience. This panel evaluated the data and information that are the basis for Friesland Foods Domo’s GRAS determination. Roelof Joosten, managing director, notes: “The Food and Drug Administration’s written response that it has reviewed the submitted safety evidence and has no questions about the GRAS determination for Vivinal GOS is an important acknowledgement for Friesland Foods Domo professionalism with regard to safe ingredients. It is for that reason that Friesland Foods Domo is recognized by food companies worldwide as a specialist in high-quality ingredients.”

Vivinal GOS
Vivinal GOS is a prebiotic ingredient rich in galacto-oligosaccharides. Vivinal GOS has many beneficial effects on health – it stimulates the growth of health promoting bifidobacteria and thus supports natural defenses. It improves calcium absorption as well as being a source of fiber. It is generally recognized as safe for its intended use as an ingredient in infant nutrition and in the food categories dairy, drinks, bars and fruit preparations.

“Based on its beneficial and health promoting properties, it is a perfect ingredient in products for specific target groups of individuals such as infants, who can derive extra benefit from Vivinal GOS”, states Roelof Joosten. Vivinal GOS is available in syrup as well as powder form. As it is very stable under low pH conditions and high temperatures, it can be used under many different processing conditions.

Friesland Foods Domo develops, produces and markets high-quality milk- and whey based ingredients for (infant) nutrition and pharmaceutical industries all over the world. Friesland Foods Domo has production sites in Bedum, Beilen, Borculo, Dronrijp and Workum in the Netherlands, sales offices in Zwolle, Malaysia, the US and the UK and a global network of representatives and distributors. Friesland Foods Domo is a subsidiary of Royal Friesland Foods