Friesland Foods Kievit opens new Filtermat dryer in Indonesia

25 February 2008

Spray-drying and encapsulation specialist

Friesland Foods Kievit has started production in Indonesia on the new Filtermat dryer. This capacity expansion will enable Friesland Foods Kievit to achieve its growth strategy in Asia. The Filtermat-technology is unique in Asia and makes it possible to produce complex emulsions and difficult to dry functional ingredients in powder form. The investment totals around 20 million euros and creates employment for 80 people in Salatiga, Indonesia.

Friesland Foods Kievit has been working from Indonesia since the end of 2005 to respond to the rapidly growing demand for its products in Asia. In 2007, the turnover of Friesland Foods Kievit in Asia was already 24% of Friesland Foods Kievit’s total turnover and it is still growing. Its product portfolio consists of encapsulated functional ingredients which are supplied to multinationals in the food industry and big regional clients. Examples of products manufactured and sold by Friesland Foods Kievit are creamers, fats and encapsulated fish oil in powder form.

Rapid growth
Friesland Foods Kievit started building up its Asian client portfolio in the 1990s through exports from the Netherlands. In 2002, it joined forces with Frisian Flag Indonesia to set up regional production in Asia. After the takeover and transformation of a local dairy company in 2004 and 2005, Friesland Foods Kievit could start producing high quality encapsulation products. And now, in 2008, the extension with the first Filtermat dryer in Asia has been achieved. The production site in Salatiga complies with the highest standards in the food industry and works according to the international quality systems GMP, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000.

Friesland Foods Kievit is a subsidiary of Royal Friesland Foods and encapsulates functional ingredients for the global food industry. Encapsulation is becoming increasingly important for incorporating functional ingredients in products. Friesland Foods Kievit creates pioneering products for clients through co-innovation. The key segments on which Friesland Foods Kievit focuses worldwide are: Beverages, Enhanced Nutrition, Infant Formula, Savoury and Bakery.