Friesland Foods Kievit takes a lead in developing encapsulation technology for the food industry

13 March 2008

Encapsulation Specialist

Friesland Foods Kievit brings acceleration to long term innovation of encapsulation technology by launching separate business unit Kievit Ventures.

Today’s consumers ask for healthy and natural products that are free from additives. Therefore the use of natural ingredients that can support a health claim is becoming increasingly important. Some of these ingredients are sensitive and need to be protected, whilst staying available to the body. Others may have an impact on the taste or smell of products and need to be packaged as well.

Encapsulation technology can make this possible. It will facilitate food companies in the application of leading-edge clinically proven functional ingredients with claimable benefits. Friesland Foods Kievit is the linking pin between the functional ingredient industry and food companies. Encapsulation makes functional ingredients available to applications previously inaccessible.

An example is the encapsulation of nutritional oils such as DHA and ARA, which are nowadays widely applied in infant nutrition and are important for children’s brain development.

Dedicated innovation focus
In order to accelerate innovation and develop encapsulation technology Kievit Ventures is being launched as a separate business unit. The aim is a leadership role in the encapsulation industry, enabled by substantial additional annual investments.