First year partnership FrieslandCampina and JR. NBA in Southeast Asia

26 March 2015

In 2015 FrieslandCampina and Jr NBA will continue their successful collaboration. FrieslandCampina and Jr. NBA started their partnership in March 2014. It is designed to encourage children in Southeast Asia to adopt an active lifestyle via sport and other activities. In 2014 8,000 children of ages 5-15 in 700 schools and local communities participated in training clinics in which they learned the basics of basketball and the importance of healthy nutrition. In 2015 the goal is to reach 1,000 local schools and communities.

To encourage an active lifestyle – also outside the training clinics – and to extend the reach of the programme even further, FrieslandCampina and Jr. NBA train coaches within schools so they can teach the children the basics of basketball as well. In 2014, FrieslandCampina and Jr. NBA trained more than 800 coaches in Southeast Asia and aim to increase this number in 2015.


The partnership is one of the key elements of FrieslandCampina’s Drink.Move.BeStrong campaign – the region’s first integrated activation and advocacy campaign – which aims to cultivate an active and healthy lifestyle among children through play, sports and proper nutrition. Drink.Move.BeStrong was borne of specific findings from FrieslandCampina’s Southeast Asian Nutrition Survey (SEANUTS), which highlighted a widespread prevalence of malnutrition; particularly insufficiencies in vitamin D, calcium and other micronutrients in the 16,744 surveyed children under the age of 12. These nutrients are essential for the growth and development of children.