European Commission postpones decision on merger between Friesland Foods and Campina one week

19 September 2008

The European Commission is taking an extra week to decide on the merger between Friesland Foods and Campina. The Commission announced this on Friday (19 September 2008).

The deadline has been put back from 24 November to 1 December. In July
the European Commission opened an inquiry into the possible
consequences of the merger for the various markets in which the
companies are active.

Friesland Foods and Campina have agreed
to the European Commission’s request for a week’s postponement.
Assessing the merger of Friesland Foods and Campina encompasses many
different aspects and issues. It is therefore in the interests of all
parties involved that sufficient time is available to arrive at a
well-considered opinion.

Friesland Foods and Campina announced
their intention to merge late last year. At the time, it was already
indicated that a definite decision on the merger from the European
Commission was not expected until the final quarter of 2008. The
announced postponement does not lead to a delay in the merger process.
This possibility had already been factored into our planning.