Education minister praises FrieslandCampina Vietnam for outstanding deeds

9 September 2015

FrieslandCampina Vietnam has received a certificate of merit from the Minister of Education and Training for its outstanding contributions to assisting school children and teachers in remote and disadvantaged areas.

In recent years, FrieslandCampina Vietnam has persistently joined hands with the education and defense department under the ministry to help school children and teachers in rural and mountainous areas improve the quality of learning and teaching despite all the hardships faced by them.

Going with the motto of sustainable development together with the community, FrieslandCampina Vietnam has paid special care to the nutrition, health and stature of Vietnamese children, especially those in rural areas. Since the successful “Two million glasses of milk” program was launched in 2013, the company has kept the annual program in place to give children free access to milk and at the same time help parents in rural areas improve knowledge of nutrition.

In addition to the nutrition issue, the company has launched programs to prevent poor children from dropping out of school and build new schools to create a better educational environment for teachers and children in poverty-stricken areas. Den Dom Dom program of FrieslandCampina Vietnam has built 18 new schools nationwide and awarded 20,000 scholarships to children in poor areas to continue their schooling.

The certificate of merit granted by the Minister of Training and Education is a great source of encouragement for FrieslandCampina Vietnam to make continued effort to bring nutritional products to children, call up the tradition of studiousness, and improve the working environment for teachers in out-of-the-way areas.