Dutch Agri Food Week 2016

Good food, better world

27 July 2016

The theme for this year’s programme will be ‘Food & Health’. During the Dutch Agri Food Week 2016, farmers, entrepreneurs from the supply and processing industry, the retail sector, the government and scientists will show how they are working on tasteful, safe and healthy food and what it takes to achieve all this through the entire chain from ground to mouth.

Frank van Ooijen, Corporate Director Communications & Sustainability: ‘To us as FrieslandCampina participation is evident, as we attach great importance to openness and transparency. This is the only way for the agrifood business to obtain understanding, confidence and appreciation from Dutch consumers.’

Thematic tours

The Dutch Agri Food Week organises for foreign entrepreneurs thematic tours to innovative Dutch companies, such as the AgTech, Personalised Nutrition, Dairy and Water Technology tour, an Innovation Summit and the follow-up of the Start Up Fest F&A Next, as well as the international Food Valley Expo. 16 October will be World Food Day and a large-scale public event will be held in Rotterdam on this day.

Education and knowledge institutes, such as the University of Wageningen and various colleges, offer free virtual college tours with facts and fables about food. Additionally, there will be a nation-wide cooking competition for children during the entire week. The schedule is available on-line through http://dutchagrifoodweek.nl/en/.

Dutch Agri Food Week

Dutch Agri Food Week is an initiative of Topsector Agri & Food and Food Valley NL and agrifood and horticulture regions Agrifood Capital, Greenport Westland – Oostland and Brightlands Greenport Venlo.