Final 2007 milk price of 37.07 euros

10 October 2008

The final milk price of Zuivelcoöperatie Friesland Foods U.A. for 2007 is 37.07 euros (including 5.374% VAT) per hundred kilos of milk, at 4.411% fat content and 3.506% protein content.

The provisional milk price published in May 2008 likewise amounted to 37.07 euros per hundred kilos of milk. As a result, no settlement will be made with the dairy farmers. In 2006, the milk price amounted to 30.84 euros per hundred kilos of milk, with a fat content of 4.435% and a protein content of 3.483%.

The final 2007 milk price is based on information taken from the annual reports 2007 of four index companies: Arla Foods Denmark, Campina, Humana Milchunion and Milcobel