CORPUS and FrieslandCampina continue to work together on healthy young people

28 September 2016

On 28 September 2016, World School Milk Day, FrieslandCampina and CORPUS signed again a joint venture agreement for a period of three years, aimed at the continuation of highlighting the importance of sufficient exercise, well-balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. On this day, pupils of a primary school in Noordwijk visited Corpus, where sporting activities were waiting for them as well as a carton of school milk and a journey through the human body. Some exercise was done and the children learnt about the route that the food follows in the body and what milk does for the body.

By means of an informative experience at CORPUS, FrieslandCampina has provided insight into the roles that milk and milk products play in a well-balanced diet since 2013. This ‘World of milk’ fits in well with the ‘journey through the human body’, the educational attraction of CORPUS concerning the human body. The visitor experiences in an interactive way the effect of nutrients in milk on the human body and how they help to build up muscles, keep the bones strong and provide energy.

‘Exercise and well-balanced nutrition are crucial for a good health and a healthy weight. Both must be started at a young age.’ – Frank van Ooijen, director corporate communication FrieslandCampina

Milk, vegetables and fruit

Frank van Ooijen, Director Corporate Communication of FrieslandCampina: ‘Exercise and well-balanced nutrition are crucial for a good health and a healthy weight. Both must be started at a young age. Milk is an important source of essential nutrients and it is part of a healthy diet, just like vegetables and fruit are. FrieslandCampina wants to familiarise the people visiting CORPUS with the essential nutrients that are to be found in milk and the role these play in the human body.’

‘The educational attraction “journey through the human body” shows the functioning of the body in a unique way and it also makes clear how important it is to have a lot of physical activity, to follow a well-balanced diet and to adopt a healthy lifestyle’, according to Huub Lazarom, Director of CORPUS.

Frank van Ooijen and Huub Lazarom sign the agreement


The educational attraction ‘journey through the human body’ has since 2008 offered the visitors a unique experience by making them experience how exactly the human body works and how important lots of physical exercise, a well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are. Besides, CORPUS is also the home base of CORPUS Congress Centre, where numerous conferences and events are organised in the areas of, for instance, health care, sports and nutrition.