Certification pyrolysis oil

12 May 2015

FrieslandCampina will fuel its new production site in Borculo with certified renewable pyrolysis oil with very low direct carbon emissions. The pyrolysis oil, produced by BTG-BTL/Empyro and exclusively purchased by FrieslandCampina Domo in Borculo for the production of steam, is now officially certified as internationally recognised renewable energy.

During a festive meeting on May 11, Minister Henk Kamp for Economic Affairs started the sustainable energy supply for the new production site of FrieslandCampina Domo in Borculo. Roelof Joosten (FrieslandCampina) and Gerhard Muggen (BTG-BTL & Empyro) received the NTA 8080 certificate from Jorn Bronsvoort of the certification company QA Testing.

Guaranteed sustainable pyrolysis oil

The NTA 8080 certificate demonstrates the sustainability of biomass for energy, fuels and bio-based products. With this certificate both FrieslandCampina Domo in Borculo and Empyro have guaranteed the sustainability of the use of the pyrolysis oil for heat production.

The certification system is recognised by the European Commission to demonstrate compliance with the European sustainability requirements for biofuels which are set out in the renewable energy directive (2009/28/EC). NTA 8080 is also mentioned in relation to sustainability criteria for solid biomass energy as part of the Energy agreement of the Dutch government.