CEO for one day

26 January 2017

Today FrieslandCampina CEO Roelof Joosten has turned over his office to Omar Aly. This 16-year-old student was given the opportunity – just like 200 other pupils in the Netherlands – to be “The CEO of tomorrow” and to become acquainted with the work of a CEO of a large company.

After an introduction and a tour around the central office in Amersfoort (the Netherlands), Omar has been working on how to make our Campina milk even more attractive for young consumers. In the afternoon Omar shared his experiences with other “young CEO’s” during a conference in Amstelveen.


The JINC foundation wants to encourage young people to think about their future and their career possibilities. Visit the JINC website for more information about this foundation.

Omar Aly (l) and Roelof Joosten