CEO Hein Schumacher signs call to EU Summit

‘Urge for a climate-neutral 2050’

8 May 2019

On the eve of the ‘Future of Europe Summit’, which will take place at Sibiu (Romania) starting on 9 May 2019, CEOs of leading companies called out to the heads of state to endorse a strategy to achieve climate neutrality in 2050. Our CEO Hein Schumacher was one of the signatories. ‘It is our strategy to lead with sustainability’, says Hein Schumacher.

Investors and CEOs of 50 businesses urge the EU to work on a strategy to reduce the use of fossil fuels as much as possible and lower the emission of CO2. They declare that a sustainable business model is the only way to the future and ask the heads of state for swift steps. By putting climate change at the top of the agenda, heads of state can give clarity and create confidence in the European economy. The decarbonisation strategy includes trade, transport, agriculture, innovation and industry. A climate-neutral Europe in 2050 will drive innovation and protect European competitiveness on a global scale. The CEOs trust that new technologies will create millions of decent jobs in dynamic new industries.

‘A clear, coherent vision from European governments and institutions for climate neutrality by 2050 at the latest will give businesses like ours the long-term guidance we need to invest.’ so the letter states.