Campina once again Dutch consumer’s favourite

21 February 2008

For the sixth time in succession Campina products still raking in the most turnover for supermarkets

The Campina brand was the best-selling brand in Dutch supermarkets for the sixth year in a row. This appears from a list of the top 100 A brands in the Netherlands, compiled by market research agency IRI for the Foodmagazine trade journal. The strong increase in the consumption of healthy dairy made by Campina has led to growth in turnover for supermarkets generated specifically through the sale of the Campina brand.

First place in the retail top 100 was assigned to the following products, which the dairy organisation markets under the Campina brand in the Netherlands: Campina milk, yoghurt, custard, cream and coffee creamer, Campina Optimel (yoghurt drinks, yoghurts, quark and custard with zero fat, no added sugar), Campina Vifit (for balanced intestinal flora) and Campina Botergoud (butter).
An important factor in the consolidation of Campina’s position is due to higher sales of Campina extra healthy dairy products. Campina Optimel in particular made spectacular strides. The flip side is a lower brand turnover in the shrinking milk and custard segment. Growth of the breakfast dairy product Goede Morgen and the chilled coffee drink Café Fresco have further underscored the position of the Campina brand. Turnover from supermarket sales of Campina brands rose to more than 380 million euros in 2007.

Milner and Valess continue to grow
Other success formulas are Campina Milner (reduced-fat cheese) and Campina Valess (a meat alternative made from dairy). Turnover from these brands was included separately in the survey by IRI, however, and can therefore actually be added to the supermarket turnover generated by the Campina brand. In the top 100 Campina Milner moved from number 38 to 28 and single-handedly raised almost 70 million euros in turnover for supermarkets.

Campina once again favourite in healthy dairy
Health, and that of course includes weight control, is an important topic for many Dutch consumers. The increase in the volume of yoghurts sold, for instance, and yoghurt drinks with reduced or no fat or healthy yoghurts is a testimony to this trend. Again in 2007 Campina was clearly still the favourite by far in this segment, with Campina Optimel and Campina Vifit. The amount of Campina Optimel consumed in 2007 rose spectacularly in comparison to 2006. Consumer sales of Campina Miler and Campina Valess grew vigorously due to the important focus consumers place on healthy foods.

Most chosen brand in classic dairy
Despite increasing consumption of dairy in the extra healthy category, Dutch consumers still spend more than half their dairy expenditure on classic dairy products, such as milk, natural yoghurt and custard. These products are an excellent way of ensuring the human body obtains the natural nutrients, energy and protection it needs.
Campina is also the most selected brand for milk, natural yoghurt and custard and therefore the best-selling brand. In line with consumer interest in natural health, since the spring of 2007 Campina milk contains more healthy fatty acids through adapted natural feed for the cow in combination with outdoor grazing.  Campina has also recently begun to use this milk for Campina yoghurt, porridges and custard. Campina custard also contains slightly less sugar.

Innovation and brand building
Campina has long held a leading position on the Dutch market for consumer dairy. It’s a dynamic market. On the one hand Dutch consumers are traditional buyers of dairy but a shift in consumer patterns is visible. Sales of mainstay products like milk, yoghurt and custard in litre packs are declining. On the other hand consumers are buying more functional dairy (such as breakfast drinks) and extra healthy dairy.  At the same time the market is seeing a growing number of competitors from at home and abroad and the rise of the supermarket chain brands.
Campina is therefore focusing on innovation, demonstrating to consumers the added value of Campina products compared to those of competitors. Added value where health aspects, convenience and taste are concerned.
This goes hand in hand with building strong brands by which consumers recognise Campina innovations and products. Campina acts as an independent brand and as the main brand for sub-brand names for special products or target groups. The green oval Campina logo assures consumers that the product they are buying is made from the best fresh milk, full of natural nutrients from the cows at Campina dairy farms. The farmers are the collective owners of Campina and the money Campina makes through the sale of its products determines the milk price they receive.