Campina’s Open Farm Day attracts more than 75,000 visitors

13 May 2008

Record numbers flock to Dutch Campina farms on Whit Monday

The public response to Campina’s invitation to ‘look round the farm’ this year attracted record numbers. With over 75,000 inquisitive visitors, the Campina Open Farm Day in the Netherlands was a huge success. On a sunny spring day, the public was told all about what goes into Campina milk. Thousands of enthusiastic visitors also rolled up their sleeves and helped with some of the farmyard chores. The huge popularity of looking at life on a farm wasn’t just restricted to adults, but also attracted younger members of the public. Children were able to run and play in the farmyard, milk a cow, churn butter and of course meet the Campina dairy herd.

Campina’s member farmers hold open door days all year round, but the Campina Open Farm Day in the Netherlands is the highlight of this annual initiative. Yesterday, 55 Campina farmers across the Dutch provinces of North Holland, South Holland, Utrecht, Gelderland, Flevoland, Zeeland, North Brabant and Limburg threw open their doors to the public. As a result, this Campina Open Farm Day was an even bigger event than in previous years.

Behind the scenes on a dairy farm
Campina’s Open Farm Day on Whit Monday gave anyone who was interested an enjoyable and informative day out, as well as a chance to find out where healthy Campina milk comes from. This year, many Dutch Campina member farmers again welcomed interested members of the public to their farms to explain all the ins and outs of the dairy business. Clearly with great success, since the thousands of visitors who took up the offer were all highly enthusiastic. “It was great fun, and really fascinating to see for ourselves where our dairy produce really comes from”, said one appreciative visitor. “This farm is just round the corner from us, but I never knew what exactly went on here. We were made very welcome and told we could go anywhere and look round. The lovely weather completed a perfect day.”

Meeting the Campina cows
For the children too, it wasn’t just an ideal opportunity to play outside with other youngsters. Many young visitors were amazed by the stalls and the chance to meet real Campina cows. Not only did they have an opportunity to admire the herd at close quarters, but for many it was the first time they’d ever seen how milk from the supermarket was ‘made’. Monique Koolhaas, Marketing Director at the CPE Netherlands branch of Campina: “It’s very important that they understand this, since research shows that many children don’t really know where their milk comes from. So it’s a great way for them to familiarise themselves with all stages of the milk process, from the cow in the pasture to the dairy products on the supermarket shelf.”