Campina studies options for supplying school fruit

15 May 2008

Campina is looking at the possibility of supplying fruit to primary schools in the Netherlands from the beginning of 2009. On 16 May, it will therefore launch a pilot project to provide approximately 1,350 schoolchildren with tubs of fresh sliced fruit. The school fruit project is a new initiative by Campina to help encourage children to embrace a natural, responsible and healthy diet.

Campina is already providing 110,000 children at 3,000 Dutch primary schools with a daily supply of healthy dairy products through its school milk programme. With this new initiative, Campina hopes that it will soon also be providing pupils with a healthy daily portion of fruit at school. It is currently trialling two variants: a tub containing a sliced red and green apple and a tub containing grapes and an apple. Recent research suggests that parents regard fresh fruit at school as a good supplement to the Campina school milk range.

Helping to promote a responsible diet
The school fruit initiative ties in well with Campina’s strategy, in that it is close to consumers (everyday life), natural (origin), healthy (nutritious food that helps to build the body) and sustainable (care for the environment and future generations). Campina wants to ensure that its dairy products, which are full of natural and healthy nutrients, help to promote a responsible diet for consumers, and it is therefore targeting its school milk and school campaigns at school-going children. The initiative is receiving support from the EU and Dutch governments, both of which have stressed the importance of school fruit alongside school milk. The parents, children and schools that have been invited to take part in the school fruit trial have all responded positively.