Campina transfers daily fresh dairy transportation to Post-Kogeko

7 May 2008

Transport company Post-Kogeko in Maasdijk (the Netherlands) took over the activities of Zutrans, the transport business of dairy company Campina, on 4 May 2008. Post-Kogeko will provide all Campina’s shipments of daily fresh and chilled liquid milk products in the Netherlands.

Zutrans has a turnover of €35 million. The company has offices and equipment stationed in Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Woerden, Lelystad and Heiloo. It has 100 tractor units. Drivers employed by Zutrans will be given an employment contract with Post-Kogeko.

20 million litres
Each week, Zutrans ships about 20 million litres of milk and milk products, in about 11,000 deliveries. This involves:

  • Direct delivery of daily fresh and chilled fresh products to retail outlets and wholesalers;
  • Shipments of daily fresh and chilled fresh products to client distribution centres;
  • Shipments of daily fresh and chilled fresh products to Campina plants or distribution centres;
  • Shipments of school milk.

About half of the Zutrans shipments take place through charters of other transport companies. Post-Kogeko is one of these companies and has already worked with Campina in that capacity for 35 years. The contracts with the other charter companies will be respected, says Post-Kogeko Director Erik Janse. ‘We can benefit from the flexibility of the local charters, particularly in rural areas.’

End of an era
The transfer of the transport activities for daily fresh and chilled fresh products brings an end to an era of in-house transportation of these products for Campina. Campina transferred its transport activities to Zutrans in 1995, with the intention that the company would continue independently in due course, so that Campina could focus on its core activities.

Campina opened talks with various candidates for the acquisition of Zutrans in 2006. Ultimately, Campina opted for Post-Kogeko on the basis of its existing network, professionalism, knowledge of Campina and experience in the field of distribution of daily fresh products.

Wealth of experience
The Zutrans employees will transfer to Post-Kogeko, a transport company with a wealth of experience and its own training courses for drivers. Post-Kogeko owns a fleet of 300 trucks and employs about 400 drivers. The personnel policy devotes close attention to part-time staff, stand-by staff, female employees and ethnic minorities.

Janse expects significant changes in contract distribution in the coming years. ‘Congestion, the regulations on driving times and environmental zoning call for innovative solutions from the transport sector. We think we can offer those with intelligent planning systems and a clear direction role for the larger transport companies.’

Synergy benefits
Post-Kogeko expects to achieve synergy benefits in the near future through the acquisition of Zutrans. The company currently has establishments in Maasdijk, Pijnacker and Ridderkerk. ‘We will now have an office at every Campina establishment,’ Janse explains. ‘That offers our company opportunities for further expansion. There is a great deal of work, particularly in the Eindhoven region. With an establishment there, it will be easier to get a foot in the door. This also offers opportunities for the DailyFresh and Coolboxx alliances.’