Biogas for FrieslandCampina in the Netherlands

20 October 2016

Apart from sustainable pyrolyses oil, FrieslandCampina will also start using biogas to generate steam in its production location in Borculo (the Netherlands). In view of this, the dairy company has entered into a joint venture agreement with Groot Zevert Vergisting (GZV) from Beltrum in the Dutch province of Gelderland. FrieslandCampina will annually buy 8 million m3 biogas from GZV. This will reduce the CO2 emission by about 8,000 tons on an annual basis. This equals a CO2 emission of about 3,500 households. Expectations are that the delivery of biogas can start early next year.

By now, Stedin Infradiensten has started the activities in connection with the construction of a gas pipe from GZV to the production location of FrieslandCampina in Borculo.  The activities will cover about three months.

GZV has worked with a biofermentation system that produces green power from regional manure since the year 2004. The deliver agreement with FrieslandCampina enables GZV to expand its fermentation capacity and to make more efficient use of this. The biofermentation system ferments manure and residual substances from the food-processing industry. The manure comes from, among others, member dairy farmers of FrieslandCampina in this region. This initiative completes the cycles in agriculture.

With this step FrieslandCampina and GZV make a contribution to a more sustainable chain.

Apart from wind and solar energy, the production of biogas by means of biofermentation is another way to generate sustainable energy. The generation of sustainable energy makes a contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases.