Athlete Dafne Schippers new ambassador for Campina

30 June 2016

Starting 30 June, Dafne Schippers will be collaborating with Campina. At present, Dafne is the most successful Dutch athlete in the world, and has a passion for healthy and flavoursome food. “Dairy products and sport are inextricably linked,” suggested the Utrecht-based sprinter.

Joining forces is a logical step. Together with the current Campina ambassador, Olympic champion gymnast Epke Zonderland, Dafne will be working to enhance awareness in the Netherlands of the importance of dairy products as part of a healthy basic diet.

Nutrition for top performance

For elite athletes like Dafne Schippers, a healthy diet is essential. The athlete explained, “As part of my sports career, I became interested in nutrition several years ago. I wanted to find out what works best for me, for my body and at the end of the day, for my performance. As far as possible, I try to obtain all the nutrients I need from ordinary foodstuffs. Dairy products are an essential part of my eating pattern. I start my day with milk, porridge oats and fruit. After a training session, I love to eat Campina quark. The proteins in quark help boost muscle recovery. Together with my sister Sanne, I also like to inspire people with tasty recipes, via my blog”

From left to right: Roelof Joosten (CEO FrieslandCampina), Dafne Schippers, Berndt Kodden (Managing Director FrieslandCampina Branded Netherlands)

Strong with Dafne Schippers

“We are extremely proud that Dafne Schippers has agreed to become our ambassador. She represents everything Campina stands for. She is down to earth, sympathetic, innovative, Dutch through and through and both strong and fit. For many elite athletes, dairy products are a regular part of their daily diet, because of the important nutrients they contain. Of course, this not only applies to elite athletes but to everyone who takes part in sport. Together with Dafne Schippers, Epke Zonderland and NOC*NSF, we have now created a strong team”, explained Maurice Willemsen, responsible for Campina in the Netherlands.

Campina quark to Rio

At the request of NOC*NSF, as official supplier, Campina will this year be supplying yoghurt and quark to TeamNL in Rio. The quark was developed in collaboration with Epke Zonderland and Erik te Velthuis, manager at the elite sports restaurant in Papendal. Quark is naturally rich in protein, which helps muscle building and recovery. It is an ideal product for sportsmen and women.