Adam Smith awards for FrieslandCampina Treasury

17 June 2016

This week the Corporate Treasury team (which is dealing with all banking matters) has been awarded two prizes: the Adam Smith award for Best Finance Solution and for Top Treasury Team. The presentation took place in London.

Corporate director Treasury Klaas Springer has received both prizes. FrieslandCampina has delivered an outstanding performance in the category Best Financing Solution and has been chosen Top Treasury Team. Klaas Springer: ‘We are very proud that these prizes have been presented to us. We had a strategic benchmark assessment late 2015, so effectively these awards confirm that we are comparing well to our multinational peers. Furthermore this is important recognition both externally and internally (especially to our member farmers) that the company is performing well in this area on an international level. The prize for Top Treasury Team has been granted for the improvement of the treasury infrastructure (new technology and best practices) and improvement of the finance structure by making the connection with the sustainability theme in the corporate strategy for instance with the environmental footprint and the dairy development programme.’

Adam Smith awards for FrieslandCampina Treasury

The winning FrieslandCampina team

Adam Smith Award

Adam Smith was a 18th century philosopher and writer of: The Wealth of Nations, the first book on modern economics. An Adam Smith Award is a globally recognised endorsement of the hard work and achievements. In 2016 no fewer than 219 nominations were received with 19 countries represented. The Adam Smith Awards are firmly established as the ultimate ‘benchmark’ for true treasury talent and a highly respected judging panel will be looking for innovation, creativity, outstanding insight, thinking ‘outside the box’ and, of course, real business impact.