58 cows for Cameroon

12 February 2008

The savings campaign to ‘Give a Cow for Africa’ has become a great success. The project was set up by Ecomel (part of Campina), together with the Heifer Netherlands development organisation. As many as 10,000 responses were received by the Ecomel organic dairy brands ‘Groene koe’ and ‘Zuiver Zuivel’, as well as spontaneous gifts from a number of companies and organisations. As a result,  Groene koe and Zuiver Zuivel can donate 58 cows to Cameroon.

Pupils in Class 4b of the Zeister Free School (the Netherlands) sent in as many as 265 full savings cards, more than enough for their ‘own’ cow. Ecomel and Heifer Netherlands felt that this effort should not go unrewarded, and therefore visited this class on 29 January for a festive presentation of a certificate for one cow.

Heifer Netherlands donates training courses and chickens, cows and goats for people in developing countries. The milk and eggs help to improve the health of local people. Any surplus is sold. The animals are not a gift, but a living loan that farmers can redeem by donating the first calf. In this way, the Heifer farmers actively help to combat poverty.