Dutch Dairy Expertise Centre is launched ushering in new era of high-level dairy cooperation

2 December 2014

On December 2nd, the First Anniversary Celebration of the Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Centre (SDDDC) & the Launch Ceremony for the Dutch Dairy Expertise Centre was held in Beijing. At the event, a review of the work and achievements made over the past year was conducted. The Dutch Dairy Expertise Centre was also officially launched. This centre marks the further deepening of the Sino-Dutch partnership in dairy sector. Aart Jacobi, the Dutch Ambassador to China, Song Kungang, Honorary President of China Dairy Industry Association, Meng Suhe, President of the Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology, Ke Bingsheng, President of China Agricultural University, Louise Fresco, Chairman of the Executive Board of Wageningen University and Research Centre, Cees ‘t Hart, CEO of Royal FrieslandCampina N.V., and Li Shengli, Director of the Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Centre, among others, attended the event.

The SDDDC was set up by China Agricultural University (CAU), Wageningen UR and Royal FrieslandCampina N.V., in the context of strengthening dairy cooperation between China and the Netherlands. It aims to improve the food safety, quality and productivity of the Chinese dairy chain by sharing Dutch dairy expertise. Since being established a year ago, the SDDDC has carried out a series of scientific research and exchange activities, including personnel training, dairy subject research, Dutch farm and industry visits, and communication between experts and scholars, as well as the investigation and analysis of the development of the Chinese and Dutch dairy industries. It has also compiled and issued the White Paper on China’s Dairy Industry 2014, which has gained the wide attention of those in the dairy industry.

Dutch Dairy Expertise Centre
As a scientific research and training base, the new Dutch Dairy Expertise Centre will provide a brand new development philosophy for the dairy industry and serve as a platform for demonstration, scientific research, technological exchanges, and the transformation of scientific achievements for practitioners in the Chinese dairy sector. The facility facilitates the transfer of the Netherlands’ expertise in this sector to China, including high-level feeding practices, advanced breeding research and technology, as well as sustainable development. It is consistent with the goal of achieving all-round cooperation within the dairy industry chain that was strongly advocated by the Chinese and Dutch governments during President Xi Jinping’s visit to the Netherlands earlier this year.

Cees ‘t Hart, CEO of Royal FrieslandCampina N.V., said that the SDDDC is committed to share  the Netherlands’ in depth experience and knowledge on advanced dairy production and management concepts.  Through mutual learning and communication, the centre will help China increase the productivity, quality, and safety levels of its entire dairy chain, attain a higher level of scientific, technical and managerial talent, as well as achieve advantageous complementarities. Cees ‘t Hart mentioned that smart cooperation throughout the entire dairy chain is key in reaching goals and sustain the desired situation. For that reason SDDDC and FrieslandCampina thrive for further partnership, both with Chinese and Dutch players.

Cees ‘t Hart: Smart cooperation throughout the entire dairy chain is key