FrieslandCampina very successful at the Dutch national cheese contest

10 October 2014

During a festive award ceremony at the Dutch national cheese contest (Nederlands Nationaal Kaaskeurconcours (NNKC) on 9 October, the best connoisseurs of cheese were awarded prizes. This year no ”Golden cheese drill” for the FrieslandCampina employees, however two gold and silver medals are a still a good result.

Tessa van Ruremonde, winner of the “Golden cheese drill 2013” and working as a Process Developer at the FrieslandCampina Innovation Centre in Wageningen (the Netherlands), received an equal number of points as Jo Penders, Manager Production Technology Support in Wageningen and they won the gold medal in the category industry. The silver medal in this category was awarded to Roel van der Vaart, also a Process Developer in Wageningen. Alex Schep, Manager Packaging in Leerdam (the Netherlands), received an honourable mention in the category Industry. Jaap Huisman, Trade Market Unit Manager at Zijerveld, won the silver medal in the category Trade.

Tastiest cheese
The match for the tastiest cheese, the “Holland Cheese Inspection”, is a new activity of the NNKC and is aimed at the cheese itself. Matured Gouda and Edam cheeses won two medals in this category: gold for FrieslandCampina Holland Master Extra Matured and bronze for Holland Master Old. Both cheeses are made from milk of Dutch cows and are produced in the Netherlands. These cheeses are specifically made for export all over the world and are not available in the Netherlands.

Largest cheese contest
The NNKC is one of the largest Dutch contests for cheese experts in the Netherlands. Participants are required to assess ten cheese samples on various cheeses, age, smell, taste and quality. This year, 435 cheese experts participated in this annual cheese inspection contest.