FrieslandCampina supports the initiative for sustainability in education

9 October 2014

This afternoon 38 Dutch youth organisations and a majority of the House of representatives signed a treaty to integrate sustainability in education. This initiative will take broad support for employers and civil society; more than 50 parties, where FrieslandCampina, support this initiative.

The Treaty should lead to a Government that facilitates and encourages sustainability in education and not from above rules dictates. The representatives of the Government will submit a motion that asks the Minister of Education (OC&W) to do a search how this structural can be achieved.

“Young people want education that prepair them for the society in which they will be working later and that includes knowledge of sustainability,” said Ties Mouwen, Youth Representative for sustainable development.  “By systems thinking skills as more structural back in the curriculum, and learn about the great challenges facing our generation, young people come closer to a sustainable society to stand.”