FrieslandCampina DMV can significantly reduce energy and water consumption with Green Team advice

25 September 2014

A team of ten sustainability experts has come up with 22 recommendations as part of The Green Quest to put FrieslandCampina DMV in Veghel on an even more sustainable footing. The recommendations vary from algae bioreactors to solar panels, from the simple use of residual heat to the extremely innovative practice of plasma pasteurisation, and from lease contracts to performance requirements for suppliers. Depending on the investments made, the proposed measures can lead to a 41% reduction in energy consumption per ton of product and a 12% reduction in water consumption per ton of product.

FrieslandCampina Veghel gave the Green Team three ambitious targets to reduce energy and water consumption by 25% and to reduce waste water by the same percentage. These targets are to be met by 2020. To formulate the recommendations in its report, the Green Team spent a month conducting a study at FrieslandCampina DMV. It was also given input by technical experts of GDF Suez Energie Nederland and Cofely and SITA Waste Management, as well as by FrieslandCampina DMV people and the Dutch public. The Green Team was headed up in this fourth mission by Marga Hoek, Director of De Groene Zaak, a business platform, and author of the award-winning book Zakendoen in de Nieuwe Economie (Doing business in the new economy).

Green Team figurehead Marga Hoek: “The targets set for FrieslandCampina are definitely achievable. The financial savings in this mission are more difficult to predict than in previous missions. These are complex installations that use larger volumes of energy and water. Depending on the investments made, the savings can run to several million euros. The savings include a reduction in energy and water consumption, reduced levies for discharging waste water and curtailment of the use of cleaning products.”

Herman Sips, Managing Director of FrieslandCampina DMV: “The recommendations are resourceful and inspiring. The Green Team report highlights the fact that sustainable business practices can also be very attractive from a commercial perspective. Our staff are excited to get to work on the final recommendations of the Green Team to make FrieslandCampina DMV even more sustainable. This is a great step towards a sustainable future!”

About The Green Quest
The Green Quest looks for solutions to introduce greener and more sustainable business practices. The Green Quest is a collaboration of the FD Media Group with GDF Suez Energie Nederland, Cofely and SITA Waste Management. In addition to Marga Hoek (Director of De Groene Zaak, a business platform, and author of the award-winning book Zakendoen in de Nieuwe Economie (Doing business in the new economy)), the Green Team members were Marjan Minnesma (Director of Urgenda), Maurits Groen (owner of sustainable businesses, including WakaWaka), Marieke van de Werf (former MP for the Christian Democrats), Jan van Betten (founder of Nudge), Thomas Rau (ecological architect at RAU and founder of TurnToo), Ruud Koornstra (owner of sustainable businesses, including Tendris), Jan Paul van Soest (de Gemeynt), Anne Walraven ( and Mark Beumer (Programme Manager at Het Groene Brein).