European dairy sector starts initiative to provide transparency as to environmental footprint

14 July 2014

During the first week of July, a group of dairy companies, including FrieslandCampina, met in Brussels to launch a pilot project to provide transparency as to the environmental footprint of dairy products. Various representative sector organisations and public authorities are also involved in the project, whose initial results are expected in mid-2016. As well as focusing on the carbon footprint, the project will also look at water consumption, land use and other emissions.

The project will begin by identifying different methods used to measure the ecological footprint of dairy. The footprints of market products supplied by different dairy companies will be compared. The final step will be to develop and test a suitable method to communicate the results of each footprint to the companies and consumers that purchase the products in question. The method should be usable for dairy companies of varying sizes and specialisations.
The European Dairy Association (EDA) and various players from the sector submitted a joint project proposal that was accepted as a framework project by the European Commission. The project involves inter alia dairy companies like Bel Group, Danone, DMK, Fonterra, FrieslandCampina, Coopérative Laitière de la Sèvre, a retailer like REWE Group, scientific organisations and other sector representatives and governmental bodies.