FrieslandCampina in Borculo best learning company in the Netherlands

15 April 2014

On 14 April Jet Bussemaker, minister of education, culture and science awarded the Prize for Best Learning Company to FrieslandCampina Domo in Borculo. The Prize for Best Learning Company is awarded annually to the company with a distinctive education and training policy.

‘FrieslandCampina Domo provides all employees a good and varied learning environment with sufficient guidance, said the jury. ‘FrieslandCampina is training staff continuously, not just permanent staff, but also temporary employees. 

The prize will inspire other employers and it shows the importance of learning in practice. In the learning company young people learn their trade. FrieslandCampina is for one year the ambassador for all training companies within the vocational education in the Netherlands.

Both Business Group Director Roelof Joosten and CEO Cees ‘t Hart congratulated all colleagues in Borculo with this excellent result.


 Jet Bussemaker and Johan te Morsche (FrieslandCampina Borculo)