Transport of two new evaporators for FrieslandCampina in Borculo

21 March 2014

In the night of Thursday 20 to Friday 21 March 2014, two evaporators have been transported by road to the FrieslandCampina Domo production plant in Borculo (the Netherlands). It was a so-called abnormal load, the biggest combination of which was 45 metres long. The transport took several days to reach us from eastern Germany, and arrived in Borculo during the night so as to minimise disruption for other road-users.

Expansion in Borculo
The evaporators are part of measures to expand the existing plant at Borculo. Evaporators remove humidity from liquid product streams through evaporation. The largest evaporator will stand roughly 24 metres high and 4 metres wide when it is fully built.

Mobile crane
A large mobile crane will be used to install the structures at the new location. Throughout the day on Friday 21 March, the evaporators will be lifted and placed on their foundations. The heaviest element will weigh approximately 70,000 kg.

FrieslandCampina invests in expansion
FrieslandCampina is investing approximately 41 million euros in the expansion of its existing production plant at Borculo to increase production of Vivinal® GOS, a vital ingredient in infant and toddler nutrition. Vivinal® GOS is made from milk and is high in dietary fibres. FrieslandCampina is also building a new milk powder plant in Borculo at a cost of 135 million euros. This expansion is needed to create enough capacity to process the anticipated increase in the volume of milk from 2015. In the longer term, the new production plant will produce infant and toddler nutrition as well as milk powder.

An evaporator being lifted towards its foundation